Cake Pulls Set of 6, Group 2
King Cake Love Baby
King Cake Bacchus Baby
King Cake Shopping Baby
King Cake Desire Baby
King Cake Fairy Baby
King Cake Guitar Baby

Cake Pulls Set of 6, Group 2

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Perfect for Weddings and Celebrations to bring luck to family and friends. This set includes the following 5 charms and a special gemmed out charm (Love Baby):

1.  “Love baby”
Resin heart
Meaning:  Next to fall in love

2.  “Bacchus baby”
Meaning:  Life of celebration

3.  “Shopping baby”
Meaning:  Success

4.  “Desire baby”
Meaning: Travel and adventure

5.  “Fairy baby”
Meaning:  Guardian angel

6.  “Guitar baby”
Meaning:  Life of harmony

All charms sold together, ribbon not included.