Cake Pulls Set of 6, Group 1
King Cake Tying the Knot Baby
King Cake Alligator Baby
King Cake Pelican Baby
King Cake Peace Baby
King Cake Masquerade Baby
King Cake Saint Baby

Cake Pulls Set of 6, Group 1

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Perfect for Weddings and Celebrations to bring luck to family and friends. This set includes the following 5 charms and one special gemmed out charm (Tying the knot):

1. “Tying the knot” -
2mm cubic zirconia
Meaning: Next one to get married

2.  “Alligator baby”
Meaning:  Good Luck

3. " Pelican baby”
Meaning:  Fertility

4.  “Peace baby”
Meaning:  Peaceful life

5.  “Masquerade baby”
Meaning:  The good life

6.  “Saint Baby”
Meaning:  prosperity

All charms sold together, ribbon not included.